Down the Drain

Dark places are what evoke the most fear and most people think the scariest monsters are hiding under their bed or in their closet, but I disagree. I think the shower curtain hides a far more terrifying monster. It’s never there when the shower is on or when the curtain is open. It doesn’t show itself if you pop your head in. But never stick your hand behind the curtain where you can’t see because that’s when he grabs you. You’ll feel a wet hand grab a hold, soggy clumped hair tickling your skin. The shower grows dark as it tries to pull you down the drain into his domain. So next time you go to get a shower don’t just reach your hand into the shower. Always crack the curtain open first and peak inside or down the drain you’ll go.

I decided to try my hand at writing a short story. Feel free to leave criticism or comments.