The Man Behind the Mane

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania. I relocated to Phoenix in 2008 to start anew and pursue an education in video production. Graduated from school in 2012, but had to move back to PA following a loss in the family.


I have a number of interest including gaming. I love to play video games, especially the ones that are driven by the story and the characters that tell it. Some of those games include Red Dead Redemption, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, and Mass Effect (Mass Effect being my favorite games). But I also Enjoy playing some co-op/competitive games from time to time such as Fortnite and Overwatch.

I’m always looking for fun and interesting people to play with so if you are interested feel from to stop by my contact page and send me a message. On occasion you can catch me streaming on twitch, and you can find me there at


Movies are a big part of my life. My favorite movie genre is horror and I love when a horror movie is so well done that it doesn’t rely on jump scares to get the audience’s attention. In my opinion, the best one’s have the perfect ambiance to keep your skin crawling and you on the edge of your seat. Movies like “The Witch” and “Hereditary” are great examples of that.

Practicality is another aspect of movies that I love. I find it more exciting to see practical effects physically there as opposed to digitally rendered effects. John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is the a prime example of just that. Through out the movie the “Thing” was always physically there and a part of the scene which always made the experience of watching it much more immersive.

I graduated in 2012 with a degree in video production from a school in Arizona. Everything about the process I enjoyed; writing, filming, directing, editing, etc. But suffice it to say, I still have some learning to do before I can consider myself a good filmmaker. I do have a couple of projects on youtube including my graduate project “Rachael”. Far from a perfect piece, but I made due with what I had and given the circumstances of the project I think it turned out alright. Currently, I am working more on my writing abilities. Especially on a pet project I am working on that I would at some point in the near future begin to work on the production stage.

Other Tid-Bits

  • I love the outdoors. Especially hiking in the mountains. It’s a good way to get some fresh air, exercise, and clear your mind.
  • I am a fan of the metal genre of music. Some of my favorite bands include Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ghost, Powerwolf, DevilDriver, Huntress, and Unleash the Archers.
  • I am an amateur photographer. Mostly I like to take pictures of landscapes, animals and bugs, flowers. But my favorite thing is water; rain, rivers, ponds, ice, etc.
  • I enjoy watching sports. My main sports are NFl (Tennessee Titans), NHL (Minnesota Wild) and MLB (Arizona Dimondbacks). But I also enjoy watching some of the more obscure sports like curling, Poker, and snowboarding.