Swift Runner

              In the spring of 1878, a man stumbled out of the forest and found his way to a catholic mission. His name was Swift Runner, and he claimed that his family starved to death in the winter months due to a poor hunting season. After a few nights and several incidents, the priests of the mission grew suspicious of Swift Runner and alerted authorities about the peculiar man.

              Authorities ordered the man to lead them to his home, so they could look around and make sure his story was a reliable one. Swift Runner had agreed to lead them to his home after the promise of a bottle of whiskey. When they arrived at the homestead they were met with a truly terrifying site. Bones were scattered all around the camp, along with bloody clothes, and there was even pot filled to the brim with human fat. The authorities were baffled at the disturbing site.When they turned to Swift Runner for an explanation, he said it was “The Wendigo had taken possession of me and there was nothing I could do.” Swift Runner was guilty of killing and eating his family during the winter months of 1878. And would eventually be executed by hanging in 1879.

                Wendigo’s are a cannibalistic entity of the Algonquin tribe. Formerly, they were humans,but had turned into (or had become possessed by) The wendigo spirit through shear hunger or greed and would turn to the consumption of human flesh to ease the hunger. However, the hunger would never go away, but infect would grow the greedier they got and the more they would consume.